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I consider myself an artist trapped inside the body of one who cannot instead, I model...

Look out, look out, the new wave is coming…

After the disastrous fail of the ‘The price to pay' in my Dreamcatcher Project (read about it in my previous post), I'm really pleased with how the fifth image has worked out. I've been bursting to show this one - not because it is the strongest but because it cracks me up and I can't look at it without a smile! One of my favourites from my day with photographer Lauri Laukkanen, MUA Donna Graham and assistant Richard Powazynski

The concept derives from the idea of trying to keep your head above water in life. But I really wanted to inject a little humour into it. The shelf life of a model is so very limited. It happens very quickly and ends just as suddenly. Although I guess on a day to day basis, for any working person, life moves just as fast and it’s often hard to stay afloat. Which got me thinking…

I wanted a picture to represent that struggle…but in a more positive light. So what do you do when you’re starting to drown because you can’t swim any longer…well to stay afloat, you need a boat! Or in my case…go to Jo Rutherford’s to borrow her canoe…


…discover canoes are actually totes mega enormous and will never ever fit on the stairs…so you raid Donna’s attic, find a sandy covered dinghy from Cornwall, stick it on the stairs, throw your mate in the back and get your goggles on!


I can’t begin to tell you how funny this one was to make, I’m still giggling just writing this! Having just shot ‘Any bed for a weary head’ in the living room and then ‘Realms of reality’ in the spare bedroom and not forgetting ‘The price to pay’ in the bathroom the night before…we were utilising Donna’s house to it’s potential. Not only was her home our base, bed, place of eats and prop stash….but now our set locations. 

Taping rubber ducks onto her stairs bannister was not exactly what Donna signed up for when she became friends with me: 


There is some really funny behind the scenes video footage coming up from from the entire series with Lauri Laukkanen, filmed by Richard Powazynski and Reiss Carlos. I have had the time of my life making these moments. Looking at this one makes me smile over and over again. Here it is…

The new wave is coming


The title is supposed to be a play on words…clearly there is a wave…but there is also suggestion that digital art might eventually take over the traditional paintings hanging in so many museums globally. This is not to say it will happen (but in my world it already has) nor is this to say I don’t appreciate art in it’s conventional form…but I do so adore the progression that is undeniably occurring. MY kind of art - conceptual, photoshopped fine art stories that breaks the conformity of reality. So for me, I’m ready, bring on the new wave…

A 5GB PSD-file with 100+ layers later:


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