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Artistic director, darling… & something scary to conclude

Fifteen degrees! YES! :) Welcome to England summer sunshine! I do hope you stick around for some time. I have new sunglasses that would like to see the world and I’ve been promised a May time heatwave. 

So whilst I’m in such a jolly mood, here is the fourth picture in my Dreamcatcher Project; my recent series exploring my passion in artistic direction with the concept, styling, title and overall direction to each shot by me. I’ve been told that I should refer to myself as an artistic director for these ideas because it is better recognised than simply ‘model with an idea’….(although I still giggle to myself at the pompousness of it and say it in jest). 

This one is inspired by the style of one of my photographic idols, American conceptual legend, Brooke Shaden: 

Mail Order Bride


I guess the concept for this one doesn’t need too much explanation as the clue is in the title. It came to me whilst thinking about my childhood idealisms of marrying the perfect prince by a target age. It led my wandering mind to thoughts of babies arriving by storks and wondered if a similar system may one day occur for brides. And bingo, there it was. I am totes taking this theory to Dragon’s Den…

So anyway, when Lauri Laukkanen came to visit from Finland we made  our way to Southport beach to shoot the fourth idea in our fourteen hour conceptual marathon. It was a blooming sod of a day to be shooting with the sky as flat as my chest. It was freezing cold and pouring down, we were all getting soaked and tried to get the shot as quickly as possible. Luckily the wind was quite strong giving the hair some great movement to give that sense of lift we desired. 

Donna Graham and Richard Powazynski battling the British weather to get me up the ladder in a wedding dress. Granted, I am not the most elegant in these situations:


Choking on the 40” ginger wig in the wind and rain, we would have been lost without a sense of humour. We started off with a single helium balloon attached to the back of the dress. I did not however, consider the adverse effects of Mother Nature who instead of allowing my beautiful shiny balloon to float neatly up into the sky as predicted, oh no, far too easy….instead, said balloon battered me in the face in the uncontrollable hurricane winds. Unamused, the balloon was ditched. 

Needless to say the final edit by Lauri was a darn sight better than my post processing explanation edit…

"I need balloons like this Lauri! Three black balloooooons!"


I think he did a pretty good job adding them in for me! So there we have it. Part four in my Dreamcatcher Project…’Mail Order Bride’.

What else have I been up to? Ah yes, exciting times in Milton Keynes with Jonathan Chung and his lovely MUA Melissa then onto Andrew Appleton’s cinematic workshop at Saracen House. I always love working with Andrew. When we went to Paris, Vicki, Donna, Andrew and I we had an absolute ball. I can’t wait to be back there this September with fellow model Angela Hudson. Such a good team. 

Appleman showing the team how to edit this weekend:


Post workshop food and drinks at All Bar One in Milton Keynes


Another highlight of my week has been appearing in my local newspaper after they approached me about running a feature on my sudden career. I was a little dubious at first as to what they wanted but after an interview with Natalie Banks I was delighted to see my short story in print and for all the lovely comments I received from friends who had seen it. 

A nice addition to my scrapbook of memories :)


Part deux of Gary Hill’s posing workshop aimed at wedding photographers for posing men, women and couples together ran today at Bartle Hall in Preston. I absolutely love this day, not only because I work well with Gary, but because I love the revelations on the rights and wrongs of posing that are taught. We are already in the process of arranging the third and hopefully one further south. 

Gary Hill teaching posing the groom: 


So after a fun day in the sun at the workshop I am ready for the start of two weeks off work celebrating my approaching birthday on the nineteenth. And look what arrived today, just in time…my gift to myself for surviving another year…eee!


So, I have the camera, I have the tripod, I have a flashgun, I have the laptop….I need lightroom and photoshop and ta da…I am the girl with all the gear and no idea! Well, a slight lie, I have lots of ideas, just not one about how to use any of these things. But alas, I am a woman on a mission and I WILL do this! 

So until next time bloggies, I will leave you with the updated version of my passport picture because it is horrendous and it will terrify you before bed….over and out x


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