Jen Brook

I consider myself an artist trapped inside the body of one who cannot instead, I model...

For better, for worse, I bleed colours.

But still the clever north wind was not satisfied. It spoke to Vianne of towns yet to be visited, friends in need yet to be discovered, battles yet to be fought…" Chocolat, Joanne Harris. 

Staring at a blank screen I’m desperately seeking the words to pop out at me. I want to write. But I can’t seem to do it.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve said so much in my head already that I’ve run out of words…or because what I do say, I fear may be too much. It’s been a difficult week. The wind is changing and I must go with it. 

Photographer: Von Wong


Times are moving fast and I’m struggling to keep up. Although the pace is exciting and new, things are happening around me and I sometimes wish I could just pause time for five minutes to catch my breath. 

Big Fish:


Sometimes things happen without you knowing, without you wanting nor inviting them. Shit happens. But I have to remember that sometimes things happen and they are full of favours for better times ahead.

Reminders of change are oozing from every crevice I see right now, but they say everything happens for a reason and all experiences, good or bad, shape your future. Change is scary…but no man ever discovered anything new, by not trying. As they’d say up norf, “ya don’t get owt not givin thou a bash laa”. So here’s to me hoping. 


Not all of this will make sense and for that I can only apologise, but for the few of you who might be reading this, please remember, this is an open diary for me; a memory trigger of sorts to look back on. Besides, I have my new worry dolls to bore instead (thanks Rachael)…Mrs Snazzypants on the far right there is just the best listener…  :’)


With big changes in my life recently, I’m very much looking forward to having a two week break for birthday in May. I’ve made no plans and I quite like the idea of being able to pick up work at the drop of a hat…or just having the freedom to be me for sixteen short days. However I will be using the time productively, I do suspect a quick trip out of this town may be just the ticket. My brain needs some time to think about the next chapter that awaits me and with my new camera in tow, who knows what the future has to offer. 

                                         *deep breath*

Anyway, onto the main purpose of this blog entry…and that is to show you the next image in my Dreamcatcher Project and the reasoning behind it. 

(In case you missed the second…Realms of Reality’)


The concept for picture three:

I strongly believe that when times are testing, true creatives are the ones that triumph against haters, bullies and critics. Where there is pain, they show an inner strength. They have something that cannot be bought, cannot be taught and cannot be taken anyway. Whether they be photographers, make up artists, models, painters, chefs, writers, graphic designers, video producers, stylists, *breathe*…musicians, cake decorators, gardeners, architects  dancers…the list goes on and on…creatives are born with a light inside them. 

The aim of this single shot is to show that these people are a breed of a special kind. When they are deeply cut, they bleed colours…

The third image in my project:

I bleed colours


Photographer: Lauri Laukkanen, MUA: Donna Graham, assistant: Richard Powazynski - thank you to these friends for allowing my vision to become a reality. 


Psst…a sneak peek at image four…(BTS by Richard Powazynski): 


Until next time blogbluds, over and out. 

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