Jen Brook

I consider myself an artist trapped inside the body of one who cannot instead, I model...

Dems d’rules.

The rules I try to live by; not perfect but they’ve never done me any harm.


- research what you don’t understand, never stop learning

- eat cake and lots of it

- set yourself acheivable targets that require effort but not miracles

- know you are privileged to be on this earth, show it some respect

- love…or hate, never sit on the fence…be passionate

- say thank you

- recognise your limits

- believe in true love

- celebrate achievements, no matter how minor

- laugh, always

- embrace the fruitfulness of people, variety is fascinating 

- show dignity and decorum 


- tell people too much

- assume anything

- be scared of being ugly, take a risk

- seek attention

- get too fond of yourself, no-one hears you in an empty room

- eat blue smarties

- create something to please others

- make promises you can’t keep

- pout

- be encouraged, unless you can trust yourself 100% to be in control

- be scared to praise others, support is always appreciated

- waste time arguing with close minded people

- trust willingly

- forget your roots and those who helped you grow


(An unedited image I captured during a flash storm at Sydney harbour 2009…it really did look just like this. The world is a beautiful place.)

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